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Hoops Mania Tournament Rules



  • Teams and fans should be at the gym and ready to play 20 minutes before their game time.

  • Game time is forfeit time.

  • You must provide your own warm-up balls. Warmup time is dependent on where we are regarding scheduled start time. We may start early if both coaches agree.

  • Tournament site directors will settle all disputes. If a player or coach is ejected from a game, they must have permission from the tournament directors to participate in any future games.


National Federation High School Rules will apply with a few exceptions:

  • Women’s size 28.5 basketball and 10 foot hoops are used for all divisions, except 3rd grade will play on 9 foot hoops.

  • Games will consist of two-20 minute halves with a running clock. Clock will only stop for timeouts or officials discretion. Except:

    •  last minute of first half and last two minutes of game when regular high school rules will apply if score is within 15 points or less

  • Overtime will last 2 minutes in which regular high school rules will apply. Sudden death will occur after the first overtime, starting with a jump ball.

  • Bonus foul shots will begin on the 7th team foul per half. (2 shots on the 10th).

  • Timeouts will be one minute, three per game, one per overtime, no carry over.

  • Halftime length: 3 Minutes


  • 3rd Grade teams may shoot from a 12’ free throw line.

  • 4th Grade teams shoot from regular 15' free throw line, but may jump over line to shoot

    • If player immediately chases their rebound before ball hits rim official may call lane violation​

  • 5th-8th Grade regular High School Rules

    • It is a good idea for coaches and officials to discuss free throw rules prior to tip off. If both coaches agree on a different set of rules we fully support it.


  • A team cannot full court press once they have a lead of 15 points or more.

  • 5th Grade Girls: No full court pressing until 10 Minutes Remaining in 2nd Half (15 point rule applies).

  • 3rd & 4th Grade Boys & Girls: No full court pressing.  Clock will not start when the ball is in the backcourt during the last 1 minute of these games & OT if the score is within 5 points or less OFF OF A DEAD BALL SITUATION - (Clock continues to run after a made basket unless it is a free throw, which is a dead ball play)

    • A team may foul to stop the clock in the backcourt if the clock is running off of a live ball situation. They cannot force a turnover in the backcourt, only foul.​


  • Home Team is top team/first team listed on the schedule - LIGHT COLOR JERSEYS

  • Visitor is second team listed - DARK COLOR JERSEYS

  • Please designate who the head coach is for each team with the officials prior to the game. Per NFHS rules assistant coaches are not allowed to stand except during timeouts.

  • Each team will provide a volunteer for the scorers table

  • We do not have control over the actions of other teams. In the unlikely event a team doesn’t show up to play one of their scheduled games, the opposing team is granted a forfeit win, which counts as one of the guaranteed games.

  • Coach’s wristbands must be picked up at the site of their first scheduled game. Only two coach passes per team are allowed. Please keep these on for both days. We do not require player passes.

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