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Hoops Mania FAQ's


Where can I find the tournament schedule?

A: We will use Tourney Machine for our scheduling. The goal is to have the schedule finalized and published the Friday (8 days) before the tournament. We will update Tourney Machine throughout the tournament with results.

How does scheduling work?

A: Teams will play 2 games on a day and 1 game on the other day. You may request to play all 3 games in one day and we can attempt to schedule it that way for you.

Can I request not to play at certain times of the day?

A: Yes, we will attempt to work with you on scheduling. For example, we understand that early games are difficult due to travel circumstances for some teams, or maybe you're coaching two teams and don't want the games to coincide. Don't be afraid to make a request, if it is not feasible we will let you know.

What level of competition will we play?

A: This is dependent on the number of teams per age group. In the past, we have had a good variety of skill level which allows for competitive games. We'll do our best to match-up teams as evenly as possible.


Do we get anything for winning our pool?

A: Yes! Our sponsors will donate toward prizes.  In the past we have given medals, t-shirts, or gift cards

Entry Fee/Admission

What is the entry fee?

A: $160 for 3 games

What is the refund policy?

A: Payment is refundable until the registration deadline, at which point it becomes non-refundable.

Inclement Weather Refund Policy:
If the entire tournament is cancelled teams will receive a $100 refund. If one day of the tournament is cancelled teams will receive a smaller refund based on the # of games they have cancelled.
*This policy only applies for a tournament wide cancellation due to weather (all games for that day(s)). 

How do we communicate with participating teams?

A: A direct email to coaches, Twitter @Hoops_ManiaGI, our website home page, and via the Tourney Machine App are all methods in which we may communicate important announcements. 

What is admission to the tournament?

A: Admission is $7 and $5 for students. Children 5 and under are free. Each team will be provided two coaches wristbands for free admission and a third free admission wristband for a designated adult to assist working the scorer's table. Players are free.

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