Hoops Mania FAQ's


Where can I find the tournament schedule?

A: We will use Tourney Machine for our scheduling. We will update it throughout the tournament with results. The goal is to have the schedule finalized and published the Friday (8 days) before the tournament. 

How many games will we play?

A: You are guaranteed three games in a round robin pool format. In rare cases you may play a four games depending on division size & court availability. In a case where an opponent does not show up (which rarely happens), we can't guarantee a replacement game. 


Will we play games on Saturday and Sunday?

A: We will take schedule requests to play one day. As tournament time nears the director will contact you if there is going to be a potential snag in scheduling, but we've offered this option since 2018 and had good success scheduling 3 games in one day for teams who choose this option.

Can I request not to play at certain times of the day?

A: Yes, we will work with you on scheduling. For example, we understand that early games are difficult due to travel circumstances for some teams, or maybe you're coaching two teams and don't want the games to coincide. Don't be afraid to make a request. We cannot guarantee all requests will be met, but we'll do our best!

We will be in the Pool we registered for?

A: This is dependent on the number of teams per age group. In the past we have had at least two pools for most of the age divisions, often three or more.  We'll do our best to match-up teams as evenly as possible.


Do we get anything for winning our pool?

A: Our awards vary by year. We do provide medals for multiple places in each division. We also provide Championship T-Shirts to our Gold Division winners.  

Dick's Sporting Goods has provided an award package for our Gold Division winners, and given us prizes for drawings to giveaway, they have been an outstanding supporter of Hoops Mania.

We have heard from multiple coaches that Hoops Mania provided the best award/merchandise package of any tournament they had played in!

Entry Fee/Admission

What is the entry fee?

A: $130 per team. 

What is the refund policy?

A: Payment is refundable until the registration deadline, at which point it becomes non-refundable.

Inclement Weather Refund Policy:
(For a team scheduled to play three games)
Three Games Canceled: $100 Refund
Two Games Canceled: $65 Refund
One Game Canceled: $30 Refund
*This policy only applies for a tournament wide cancellation due to weather (all games for that day(s)). 

How do we communicate with participating teams?

A: A direct email to coaches, Twitter @Hoops_ManiaGI, our website home page, and via the Tourney Machine App are all methods in which we may communicate important announcements. 

What is admission to the tournament?

A: Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for students. Children 5 and under are free. Each team will be provided two coaches wristbands for free admission and players are free.